Bigfoot Sighting on Vancouver Island, BC Canada

And that's where I walked up on BIGFOOT accidentally! I had to run for my life! I stumbled over the timbers as I ran after capturing this photo and made it back to my vehicle and drove back home from the woods. Amazing! This monster was snorting and breathing heavy and grunting I had no idea what it was untill I litterally stumbled on it. I took this photo with my iphone 20 pro max as quickly as I could considering I was shivering in fear that this monster would chase me down on foot. I was traveling the back roads when I had decided to stop by the roadside and pick some mushrooms like I usually do. That's when I heard the grunting. I didn't know what this was but it was weird as I hadn't heard anything like this before. So I went deeper into the woods and couldn't believe what I saw was this bigfoot that must of been like over 8 fee tall. After taking the shot from the back with the iphone I turned around and then ran back to my vehicle. It chased me down and I just made it into the vehicle in time and it started slamming its hand down on the windshield. I drove home shivering from the event.  

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