Stay Off my Property!

Kevin Katovic

Celebrating 3 years of original content development great news for those seeking crypto riches Ethereum’s last hard fork paying off in dividends.

Lets have a look at the crypto markets. $4000 dollar ETHEREUM! things could be getting better and that’s why for others things might be getting worst. Unfortunately some do not spend years creating dozens of original excuse me “ Well Educated “ content for the internet. That reminds me of the internet of things project. What is a thing? How do we make money? Priding ourselves on cutting edge technology and ability to reach out and connect with the community we still can’t seem to get the community to “ Give Back “. Many are confused at what crypto is and why they should buy it and why they should invest. I have now been doing that for over a year and I have yet had one person in the Comox Valley, BC or anywhere else for that matter to buy even $1 of cryptocurrency of any kind. It’s easy to buy bitcoin which would demonstrate your ability to support my own project. Why do you continue to buy crypto from anonymous vendors. Trust and use them to sell you your bitcoin.

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