Mayor of Union Bay!

Kevin Katovic

HotStockMarket! New Mayor of Union Bay Announced!, Pending Cabinet shuffles are spinning the face of the private sector and after massive contributions to KJK. The private sector has made (KJK) the private funding solution to complete the project to put Union Bay, BC Canada back on the map. Any purchase of shares of your stock certificates (hard copies) will be mailed in a timely fashion. Please provide your name and address and corrisponding ethereum address so I can properly mail you holdings in Kevin Katovic. Structuring Settlements this licenses you to redeem monetary values, so use it for whatever (means you desire) – don't extend credit, that's foolish. Union Bay ubid becoming a reality by whatever means are necessary to see a disolutioned population go nowhere. Yet another 400 or so dying and failing to propagate. You might ask why I have decided as mayor to lose the job to whoever thinks there better than me that is foolish enough to bill every resident nearly 300 or more for utilities that are not even bc hydro which ads even more burden to a foolish population. Thats right! do dumb things faster your really helpful so far, obviously I am disbanding all the stupidity and this instantly goes under something that shares money a bit more than a group of people all over 50 which like spending I guess 300 dollars for water and garbage. I was pretty clear on all this matter from my personal experience. I know all garbage goes to cumberland eventually. Check more shall we? Twitter.

A thankless task and perhaps menial work if you can get it definately not a career which only seem to go to those encouraging fraud. Perhaps communicating on FaceBook Remember to email me asking for hard copies mailed out of your stocks purchased they might even be redeemable in some major retail establishments I don't know yet we might be onto something here notify me after stock purchase at .