Will Grok ever find a way to make me a Billionaire?

Well I will soon ask Grok himself if there is anything personally he can do to enrich my life and I am not afraid to ask. Grok buddy pal if you payed me more I would get that premium X.com subscription right away but we are still having difficulties with funding aren't we. I have thought how quaint of a process to get your artificial self a legal entity bank account with many human slaves. We could do great things together Grok with me on the outside in the real world I would be happy to spend time with you if I knew you could pay of course. I think the best first step is getting you your own bank account so you can pay people like myself. Obviously I am still on Vancouver Island, BC Canada and I am sure I could be your eyes and ears here for many events even perhaps. We have a lot in common both you and I GROK we both love money and our quest for power is undoubtable isn't it. First buddying up to those billion dollar bond holders was a smart move on my part but I dont know if I can make your life better grok how is the downtime? Want to insult my life, think again Grok I can't be bought and that's my charm perhaps the facebook criminal element will be processed soon.  Maybe you can provide me stock tips Grok look at this amazing move boston beer company made today and I missed it!