Don’t give up: Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki‬‬

hiroshima nagasakiHow much worst could it get than a nuclear disaster.  I can’t imagine the combined problems that losing your job and dealing with a nuclear disaster compares to the Alberta Wildfires.  I am not saying that if your from Fort Mac you have it good but it could be worst.  Imagine dealing with not only total loss of work but then having to worry about a health threat you can’t even see that being radiation.

At least the destruction the fire is causing or has caused is visible and eventually you can rebuild but imagine waiting for an invisible threat to disappear.  Vietnam and Japan have seen there share of nuclear radioactivity as well as Russia.  It looks like North America seems to have gotten off lightly when it comes to this.  No one can predict a nuclear bomb though like the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  These people never gave up though they rebuilt and Obama’s recent visit to japan apologizes for the disaster.  I’m just a blogger so you can’t expect much from me.  But to some point everyone can sit back and think of how lucky we all are to be living in a peaceful world free of this type of threat.  I hope we never have to worry about attack living in Canada any way.  To this point everything seems ok.  Whatever you do don’t entertain yourself no matter what.

I like feeling safe and I hope one day rich.  But the battle of finding work seems to be that.  While I am not about to put in a sob story about being on social assistance it would seem that’s the case.  After all were would the money come from?  I have no job so obviously rent doesn’t pay itself.  Geographically speaking the Comox Valley, BC is sure not a place known for bountiful work opportunities.  Not that I am complaining but hey it is what it is.  Living on a Island perhaps is the biggest economic hurdle making employers extremely spend thrifty.  The bottom line gets even more difficult with lack of selection for wholesale suppliers and high transportation costs on and off the island.  There is no way to start again.  You can’t go back to a time where you had no experience and be willing to do whatever it takes to keep anything long-term.  I just ate a sandwich it was delicious I just thought I would add that.  Hiroshima and Nagasaki‬‬ looked a lot like the expression on my face when I lost game four at my last pool tournament as well.

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