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Un-employment creates the mentally ill

I seem to continually keep feeling sorry for people that allow themselves to be victimized by things like technology and city planners. While I hate to complain publicly the zoning of R-9 residential super or mega-blocks seem to keep overwhelming us.  This doesn’t make much sense when you pick up a paper in a supposed 8 million populated city and there is one job listed at 10.25 a hour.  You begin to realize how fortunate the families of hundreds of children must be with parents that can afford these family dwellings.  These zones don’t make very much sense to me. I would like to consider myself an educated person but not to the extent my sensibility and common sense are altered.  This growing metropolis of R-9 Multi family enormous grid of poor economic and culture diverse location seems to be depressing.  How can you exceed in a world where only those working seem to be apart of some magnificent pity project where the talented are suppressed. Again make work projects for men seem to suffer with the only logical make work projects for a untalented city planner seems to be construction of more and more large residential blocks.

The cost of converting R-9 to large R-A seems to be whats required in a culturally diverse and poor economic climate. But again it seems to come down to money the cost of doing the right thing seems to never outweigh the people with all the true wealth. Something has to be done if the population is shrinking and at this point I really do believe this to be true.  Something drastic has to be done. Starring at vast unusable farmland behind a stupid commercial zoning project I chuckle to myself as the jobs are non-existent and the solution seems to be to spend.   R-A seems to be whats needed yet which lucky millionaire could afford to rezone these stupid ideas into a place where diversity can once again creep back in the sociological (its a word now) environment of this place.

I really am growing tired of the run around and vast road construction, redirects renaming of highways and constant road work.  It seems to be all these people cant employ  us for outside of construction which seems almost entirely funding by either BMO or Bank of America which are coincidentally the poorest of the banks. I don’t want to come of as a braggart, arrogant, idiot but still this isn’t making much sense to me. We need to slow down and think more and act less. How as a male living in the dirty 30’s can one afford to pursue a career when corrupt telecom’s or communication networks are busy intercepting job contacts and listings.  Corporations are so incapable of competing with gifted people in the real world. It really makes one grow more and more suspicious when harassment seems to get the better seat when it comes to employment.  Living off the fruits of another man or womans best effort seems a way of life. I can see how this area being vast and poorly populated combination of corrupt political influencers.  These people are led by manipulation of how items are moved in the physical world.  It seems to dominate the landscape.  Again technology has to take a back seat to reality in this situation where lying about whats real is no replacement for real wealth.  Talented people are losing the fight.   Lying for a living can’t dominate the landscape with technology.  It seems much to easy at doing just that. Judging those for online activities is pretty much the mainstay since its like judging something which is unknown to you.

Even more doing the right thing seems impossible when land locked grids in the 40kms are designed.  This seems to again just frustrate me. Its very forward thinking in a recession to build massive zones when whats needed is 180 single family dwellings under 160K that are brand new and awesome I use my NE Calgary design as a example.  Its true a BIG ROOM facing a sunshiny morning in a place where tonnes of job offers keep rolling in. Physical items must move and men love to be physical in this world unlike woman which seem happier at a desk job or maybe I am wrong assuming that how rude of me. E  ither way think about it would you rather spend 10 years in university where 1% of you few with great high paying jobs can afford one of these homes.  Someone that is in demand which is truly in demanding with so much technology is corruptible and stealing away the leads to employment because of poor choices in life. I dont want to accuse blame or point the finger because 10X that comes back pointing at you in the end but don’t suffer technology and if you think the authorities are to blame for the most part how is seeking there help any help in eliminating the problems.   While personally I don’t enjoy suffering people as this can actually be the case in many places. Don’t ever suffer people because that comes at a personal cost to ones own self.  The public have seen it first hand and honestly I never understood how the brain in this case enjoys the pain and suffering of others.   I believe in correcting the problems of people without medical or drug intervention but its impossible to deny so many people abusing others.   I highlight an article in the provice sorry I thought it was the national…. but either way when the economy is made up of over 90% healthcare something has to be done and done fast.

Its just another way of killing the motivation of your people which any government program once dominating the lives of so many just leads to more and more of the same abuse. I have been judged by so many people so many times I am almost use to it by now but you should really read that article of how Mental illness is so commonly overlooked in british columbia. I am sure the city model r-9 dominating the landscape only leads to more and more of the same problems.  When are people going to wake up and grow some morals and do the right thing. Why is it low morality and the weakest of wills seem to get the highest paying jobs while other deserving people neglected to save face for those hiding behind erroneous job prospects.   RA 180  well designed homes separated by at minimum of 1 km seems possible why doesn’t it exist? Where you find the trees you find the wealth. I am in no rush to be a city planner nor have the EDUCATION yet I think I have a few great ideas. More culturally diverse areas where we could live would be nice. It seems to geographically lack diversity which could be the problem. Why are people so afraid of different racial minorities.  This seems to be a two way street.   I’m not suggesting that should be the mission of all men since hell I’m already too old to really be thinking about this sort of silly family business stuff I should of done this 10 years ago.   Anyway this is tiring.   Its all so confusing. But it seems to be sex for work problems all over again. Oh well I digress after being without work for so long again the professionals seem to think attacking me personally or what seems like a attack seems to be the defensive play instead of looking at the real problem. The lack of work is what is causing mental illness. Healthcare is ultimately responsible in both cases they should be doing the leg work the fieldwork and assigning full time work for all men that suffer this yet they still seem undereducated and seem incapable of doing whats right. I find it strange that the most educated in healthcare are really this unintelligent and uncaring or in worst cases jealous.

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