Cheapest Places to Travel in the World

Though America may not be known as an affordable travel destination, there are still plenty of amazing spots worth discovering that won't break the bank. From exploring national parks to enjoying an affordable Philly Cheesesteak sandwich - you're bound to find something amazing here.

Cuba is an idyllic Caribbean destination that also happens to be one of the cheapest travel options. Experience its highlights at an affordable cost.


Luxury travel has become increasingly popular in Peru, but budget travelers can still visit this incredible nation on a reasonable budget. Accommodation costs are reasonable while food and drink expenses are more affordable. Backpacking budget travelers could expect to spend between $30-40 a day for accommodations that provide basic facilities if staying in basic hostels; this should cover your basic to moderate accommodation, meals, drinks, tours and excursions as well as daily expenses like transport.

Save money and avoid expensive tours by exploring popular tourist spots on your own. By getting off the beaten path and away from tourists who drive up prices, this allows you to get off-beaten path while also benefiting from locals helping out and providing tips.

An understanding of basic Spanish can be an invaluable asset to budget travelers, enabling them to negotiate more effectively with locals and obtain better rates on accommodation and transport services.

If you want to save money when visiting Peru, avoid visiting during its high season. Weather conditions tend to be less than desirable during these times and finding accommodations at reasonable rates can be more difficult; restaurants and tourist attractions will likely also become busier at these times than usual. It would be best to travel during May-June or September when both crowds and weather conditions are optimal.


Vietnam offers travelers a range of accommodation types - from hostels and guesthouses to luxurious hotels - that will suit any budget and taste, making this country one of the top backpacker destinations as well as great for family trips or romantic escapes.

Conde Nast Traveller recently featured Vietnam in their report and highlighted its stunning landscapes, 3,000 kilometers of tropical coastline and diverse culture as highlights for a travel destination. You can experience Ho Chi Minh City with its millions of motorbikes or escape to Dalat with its resort feel for a cool climate experience.

Vietnam offers inexpensive food and drink, with a cup of coffee costing less than one dollar. Local markets feature handmade items for purchase - making for the ideal opportunity to find unique souvenirs!

Vietnam offers more cost-effective accommodation prices than Thailand, with hostel rooms costing approximately $10 USD per night and hotels up to $50 USD per night. You can save more by traveling outside peak season (March to May and September/October), when prices tend to be lower still. Bus travel can also provide great savings when making long journeys; sleeper buses offer the ability to catch some sleep during your journey.


Croatia is a beautiful European destination that is quickly gaining in popularity among tourists and expats. Its charming islands, idyllic beaches, and rich history make it the ideal vacation spot. To save money when visiting, Croatia offers discounted off-peak season pricing compared to summer travel periods; furthermore it makes an excellent budget travel destination with affordable accommodation, meals, and transportation services available throughout.

Rovinj, on Istria's western coast, offers some of Croatia's cheapest travel experiences. Offering both hostels and hotels at cost-effective rates as well as numerous restaurants serving traditional Istrian cuisine, Rovinj offers plenty of cost-effective accommodations and historic landmarks which are relatively cheap to explore.

Zagreb, Croatia's capital city and an ideal budget travel destination, boasts an array of culture, museums, galleries and theaters for visitors to enjoy. Additionally, its vibrant nightlife scene, gastronomic options and long shopping streets make it an attractive option.

If you're seeking an economical way to experience Croatia, consider staying at a homestay or renting an apartment with a kitchen. By buying groceries at discount stores and markets and cooking your own meals instead of dining out every night at restaurants (known as konobas) that offer authentic dishes at reasonable prices.

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is an idyllic Caribbean paradise that draws visitors from across the world. From beautiful beaches to colorful culture, there's so much to experience and do here; yet visiting during peak season can be costly; fortunately there are ways to visit on a budget!

Punta Cana is the Dominican Republic's most visited resort destination, drawing tourists from all over. Other parts of the country offer more diversity and affordability. Barahona city in particular stands out for its natural beauty with mountains and lush rainforest that draw adventure seekers; Santo Domingo town provides great opportunity to experience local culture.

Although Dominican Republic offers many budget hotels, all-inclusive resorts provide incredible value. These resorts provide unlimited a la carte meals, premium international alcohol brands and comfortable bali beds near their pool; in addition, many are often less costly during low seasons.

From November through March is considered to be the ideal time to visit the Dominican Republic as weather temperatures range between low to mid 80's with minimal humidity and little rain, plus smaller crowds making it easier to find affordable accommodations and experiences.


Lebanon may be known for being one of the more expensive Middle Eastern destinations, but that doesn't have to be true! There are plenty of affordable spots with breathtaking scenery, historical landmarks, and relaxed environments that provide stunning sights while providing affordable options that offer relaxing atmospheres.

Begin your journey in Beirut, the capital. Discover Roman Bath ruins, indulge in local cuisine at Mar Mikhael bars, and take in fascinating archaeological artifacts that recount Lebanon's millennia-old history at the National Museum.

Batroun is an appealing coastal town ideal for beach lovers, offering tranquil shorelines, traditional Lebanese architecture, delicious seafood cuisine and a relaxed atmosphere.

Tyre and Baalbek are two other top tourist spots in Lebanon that boast long and rich histories; you'll enjoy their beautiful waters and beaches at a fraction of the cost compared to other European locations.

Lebanon is best visited between March and February when temperatures are pleasant and crowds are reduced. You can save on accommodation costs by opting for guesthouses or homestays instead of hotels, which tend to be cheaper. Couchsurfing also allows users to connect with local hosts who can suggest day trips and cheap eats that won't break the bank - plus group tours offering some of Lebanon's top sights at discounted rates!


Flights to Laos offer travelers a breathtaking Southeast Asian adventure. Here, mountainous landscapes give way to tranquil rivers and stunning vistas; local villages cluster along its banks as local villages cluster around its banks; UNESCO World Heritage sites offer rich cultures and histories; while cheap food and lodging prices allow backpackers to fully experience nature at a reduced price.

Laotians are warm and friendly people, providing travelers with a truly genuine experience. Laotian cuisine also delights the senses with delicious street food offerings as well as aromatic dishes with zest. A dinner for two can even cost less than $5!

As Laos offers an abundance of beautiful temples - like Pha That Luang in Vientiane or Wat Xieng Thong with its intricate carvings - you're sure to be delighted. Additionally, outdoor activities like rafting down the Mekong or exploring caves and waterfalls make for exciting adventures!

For maximum savings on airfare, book flights to Laos during February or March during their low season, when prices tend to be lowest on Monday departure days and highest on Fridays. To avoid crowds, consider traveling during April or May's off-season; momondo offers free accounts that track prices and send email alerts when they drop; you can even set "Price Alerts" on certain routes so you don't miss any exciting offers!

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