More Perhaps Fictitious Bitcoin Whale Transactions Boost BTC Share Price?

I am not saying that this is fraudulent but Ki Young Ju doesn't really seem to me like the kind of honest reputable god fearing christian we could actually know and trust. In all honesty a quick google and you see his image undoubtedly identifiable in a quick summation that he is indeed " A boy " . Now does that mean what he has to say is worthless? Perhaps not but if your are monitoring the STEALTH transactions that reportedly do not originate at central exchanges well it indeed could identify the problem. It indeed has no value perhaps and has perhaps a checkered history.

I'm not exactly a expert but I do understand supply and demand and when it comes to bitcoin price thats what its all about. Quickly saying that the actions of buying ( we assume ) one bought the bitcoin reduces the overall supply and the price goes up. The idea of there only being 21,000,000 bitcoin is not exactly genius either but a inflationary control model. So what your saying is that someone actually bought 3 billion or thereabouts of bitcoin with CASH. Yeah right eh? Probably the chinese showing up in Canada or USA with cold hard cash paying for it too? So whats more likely a snowball flourishing in hell or the chinese paying back a bad debt in canada or usa.

There has been more interesting ways you can ' Order ' the acquisition of bitcoin by more indirect means and that's the acquisition of Bitcoin Related ETF's. There are good examples where if your trading with a broker you can easily expose yourself to the Bitcoin Risk by buying perhaps MicroStrategy or GrayScale perhaps both advertising to the public constantly their BTC holdings. How quickly they acquire BTC after you invest in them would really be unknown though since you would have to have someone on the inside of either company to actually see the wallets they hold. Wouldnt' it be easy if each just had one big wallet.

Perhaps minting money isn't very exciting to you but this is just another way to do it. Your buying these ETF's perhaps and waiting for them to buy the BTC and add to there holdings which is measured we hope in real time somehow and the value is reflected in there capital right? So as bitcoin goes up there capital goes up if its a holding right? Maybe I dont understand this enough but if they sell obviously the market would go down so is this a way of ensuring they buy forever and thats why this is done?

Well I put my money where my mouth is and well investing in the creation of BTC seems like the most honest way of doing this. So will there be a correction monday as I wait for the intrinsic value of a gain of 2,400,000 USD reflected instantly on my ETF choice? So I think thats great that they hold BTC and its going up and not only that mining maybe 9 BTC a day. Just seems more honest doing this. But obviously measuring a gain of 857 million for MicroStrategy would definately not affect its price as much because of its higher capital and higher PE and that might be more profit takers monday. Or am I not your CEO? LOL come on I understand enough.