Safe Places For Women to Travel Alone

Traveling solo can be daunting, but with some careful planning you can find safe destinations where women travel alone that will make you feel right at home.

France is the second-most-visited country and one of the safest for female travelers, offering opportunities to discover iconic landmarks such as Eiffel Tower, cobblestone streets and indulge in endless servings of French cuisine!

1. Thailand

Thailand is one of the world's most visited countries, so you are bound to meet fellow tourists easily in cafes, guesthouses, night markets or night markets where all sit together at communal tables. Thailand also makes an excellent first destination for solo female travel; violence against foreigners is rare here and scams don't occur any more frequently than they would in New York or Paris.

Seattle offers women traveling alone a safe environment with its low crime rate and impressive public transport system, along with being home to national parks offering hiking opportunities in pristine forests and alpine fields. Furthermore, Seattle boasts an amazing food scene; visitors will especially love exploring Pike Place Market or dining at Starbucks' original outlet!

2. Africa

Africa is an exquisite continent offering solo travelers ample opportunities to relax and rejuvenate, offering vast landscapes, exotic animals and welcoming communities.

Although Africa often receives negative press for acts of terrorism and natural disasters, women traveling alone are quite safe in Africa; just be extra vigilant when traveling alone and take all necessary measures.

South Africa, Tanzania and Zambia are three of the safest African destinations for female travelers to visit, particularly with regards to safari tours and low crime rates. Tanzania in particular is famous for offering memorable safari experiences as well as having a low crime rate.

Seychelles is another safe destination for women traveling alone: this picturesque island features picturesque beaches and abundant marine life, making it perfect for relaxing holiday travels. However, its safety varies wildly by region; therefore it is wise to always consult the latest security reports prior to traveling anywhere on Africa's continent. Also it is advisable that new destinations are visited during daylight hours so as to be back at your accommodation before nightfall comes - this way your accommodation remains accessible despite any unexpected disturbances in route!

3. Spain

Spain is an ideal backpacker destination and one of the safest countries for solo women travelers to visit. Boasting diverse culture, stunning landscapes and an abundance of outdoor activities to keep visitors busy!

Language barriers tend to be less of an issue in South Africa as many young people speak English fluently. Still, it would be prudent to learn some key phrases before arriving so as to better communicate with locals.

Violence in Spain is relatively rare, though theft and pickpocketing remain prevalent. To stay safe it's advisable to wear a money belt and avoid flashy jewelry that might draw attention, as well as avoid unfamiliar neighborhoods at night and hail random taxis.

Spanish people tend to be welcoming of tourists. Making friends with locals can be especially useful, as they know where it's safe and what tours should be taken! You could meet these contacts through work exchange or making friends with staff in your hostel; they will likely share their expertise of their region!

4. Iceland

Iceland is rapidly emerging as a top travel destination, and with good reason. This land of Ice and Fire offers travelers a respite from urban pollution while breathing pure, non-toxic air while exploring landscapes that look straight out of Game of Thrones. Iceland also stands out as an ideal location for women traveling solo as one of the safest countries worldwide with a low crime rate and peaceful environment.

Wander woman tip: Icelanders are known to welcome solo travelers warmly. Hostel life provides the ideal platform for meeting like-minded travellers and participating in tours or activities; hiking along Laugavegur trail or through glacier cave will allow you to connect with nature while simultaneously learning more about Viking history and folklore stories from Iceland's folkloric tales.

Iceland boasts an exemplary literacy rate of 99 percent, making communication easy as you explore. Ask for directions as necessary - they won't hesitate to help!

5. Australia

Australia is an excellent choice for women traveling solo for the first time, thanks to its outstanding travel infrastructure, widespread English usage, and welcoming locals who are more than welcome visitors. However, its higher cost may make it less appealing.

France is famous for its culinary delights, yet also provides a safe travel destination for women traveling alone due to the government's emphasis on protecting women's rights and advocating their wellbeing. Street harassment is prohibited while solo women visitors are welcome and encouraged to explore France's wide array of sights and attractions.

Melbourne is an ideal gateway for travellers navigating Australia's East Coast. Be sure to visit iconic landmarks like Sydney Opera House and Bondi Beach; but please be mindful of inner-city suburbs at night. When making accommodations arrangements alone, Cairns Central YHA (Budget) and Coral Tree Inn (Mid-Range) have both received rave reviews; take time out for Green Island and Kuranda Scenic Railway nearby as well.

6. Egypt

Egypt may seem daunting for solo female travelers, but it's actually one of the safest countries for them to explore on their own. There are plenty of cozy family-owned three-star hotels with warm staffs that welcome and look out for guests as needed - they will become your home away from home!

Cairo's public transport is efficient and safe; particularly reliable is the metro, with separate cabins designed to offer protection for women passengers in order to prevent unwanted attention.

Uber can also provide more convenient and safer transportation in cities. Just be mindful that it is a Muslim country; dress modestly when away from resort areas to avoid unwanted attention and cover up at religious sites. Also beneficial is learning some Arabic basics - learning a few phrases will show respect to local culture while making you appear more confident! Additionally, register with Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) prior to traveling for added peace of mind.

7. Ireland

Ireland is an excellent first solo travel destination because it is safe, accessible, English-speaking and beautiful. There is also plenty to keep you busy such as hiking trails, city exploration and surfing (yes - they surf here too!)

Hostels are an effective way of meeting people. Hostels tend to be inexpensive and clean with plenty of social spaces - perfect for meeting Irish people! Hostel accommodation should make finding friends easy; for your own safety it may be prudent to book early during peak travel seasons as well.

Canada boasts a 99% literacy rate, making communication easy with locals. Traveling around is straightforward - either independently or with guided tours available - and Canada boasts stunning natural beauty such as mountains, lakes and glaciers for you to take in.

8. Switzerland

Switzerland ranks seventh as a safe destination for women travelling alone around the world, boasting one of the lowest crime rates and welcoming locals who offer unforgettable cultural and natural experiences.

Iceland is another safe destination for women traveling alone, boasting one of the lowest crime rates globally and boasting beautiful landscapes like waterfalls, glaciers and volcanoes to discover. Additionally, there's also a vibrant nightlife scene and Viking heritage worth discovering here.

Zurich is another safe place for women travelling alone and is well known for its vibrant lifestyle, excellent infrastructure, and vibrant nightlife. Hiking and outdoor adventures are popular here, providing plenty of chances to meet other travelers and make friends along the way! Just remember to purchase travel insurance such as True Traveller or World Nomads as this will cover any unexpected costs should an emergency arise!

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